Achieve and maintain a healthy life

Health habits have a profound impact on getting well and staying well. Your treatment plan at OC Health and Physical Medicine will include reviewing choices that promote wellness in the areas of:

  • Nutrition and hydration: good “fuel” supports every cell in our bodies.
  • Exercise and stretching: we are designed to move!
  • Sleep: healing and rejuvenation occurs throughout our bodies during sleep, including muscle and tissue repair.
  • Stress management: developing tools to deal with life’s difficulties significantly contributes to wellness.
  • Weight management: working toward and maintaining a healthy body weight is the number one thing all of us can do to promote health and decrease risk of illness.
At OC Health and Physical Medicine, we want to help you identify areas for improvement and assist you in taking steps toward choices that support wellness. Making self-care a priority can positively impact the success of your treatment with us. In addition, you will be creating a foundation for feeling your best now and throughout your life!