Medical Weight Loss

Weight loss program and professional services

Medical Weight Loss
We offer a catered plan of diet advice, plus testing and monitoring, for your weight management and weight loss endeavors. We understand that your weight not only affects your confidence, but also your overall health and longevity. Being overweight or obese can make a person more sluggish, tired, and puts a person at a greater risk of heart disease, heart attack, diabetes, stroke, neuropathy, and a variety of other issues. Extra weight on your frame can also make you more prone to injuries and strain.

Have you heard of the HCG diet? If not, you might have been missing out on the just-right plan for your weight loss needs. This regimen pairs caloric limitations and strong guidance to your diet with injections of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. If you’ve heard of HCG before, it’s probably because this is the hormone that a woman’s body produces while pregnant. However, when it comes to weight loss, this hormone has nothing to do with pregnancy or fertility, and everything to do with the way your body’s hormones interact with nutrition. This diet recommendation does involve a very strict eating plan that if followed and paired with the injection series can allow you to achieve remarkable weight loss.

  • Our HCG weight loss program includes:
  • *HCG Prescription Medication
  • Weekly B12 Injections
  • Weekly Lipotrophic Injections
  • Appetite Suppressant (if needed)
  • Food List and Meal Plans
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