Diagnostic Testing

Testing services and proper consultation

Diagnostic Testing
While the most change in a medical regimen comes from the treatment, the most important decisions happen at the diagnostic stage. Without proper diagnosis and testing, we couldn’t determine with as much certainty that the plan of care we set forth is going to benefit you.
The first and arguably most important step of our diagnostic process is consulting with you. Each of our expert team members will meet with you one-on-one to better understand your circumstances as they pertain to that given expert’s body of skills. Once we each have an individual understanding of your needs, we will meet and compile them to better understand what we can do to help!
Diagnostic Testing - Below are some of the other tests we may perform:
Nerve Testing: Patients who suffer from peripheral neuropathy, nerve damage, sciatica, and a variety of other nerve-related conditions will benefit from the precision and precaution of nerve testing here at OC Health and Physical Medicine.
Electromyography (EMG): Using our state-of-the-art electromyography machine, we are able to measure the electrical activity of your musculoskeletal system and detect deficiencies or anomalies. If you deal with chronic pain, this may be a diagnostic measure necessary to determine which course of treatment will best attend to your symptoms.
An NCV Test is essentially a variation of an electrical test, like the EMG, aimed at diagnosing nerve conditions for you. In this exam type, we affix electrodes to the patient’s skin and stimulate the nerves using electricity. While stimulating a given nerve, we use other electrodes to gauge the currency or impulse sent downstream from that stimulated nerve. The patches we use are comparable to those for an electrocardiogram. The experience is mild and gentle. With an NCV we calculate the velocity of nerve conduction by considering the transmission speed in relation to the distance between electrodes.
Vascular Testing: Fast, effective, non-invasive screening for Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).